lulu’s remedy chili oils

photo: James Wallis

remedy makes everything better

The year: 2019. A team of food scientists hidden in a laboratory deep in Sydney’s Inner West set out with a vision: to create a chili oil that truly MAKES EVERYTHING BETTER.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, actually, it all happened by accident. After an impulse buy of several kgs of chilis (which, if you know her, is not out of character), Lulu’s owner Monica had to find a way to make use of the hot little suckers. Christmas was coming up, and the first batches of Remedy oil were born. YOU GET CHILI OIL! AND YOU GET CHILI OIL! It was truly an Oprah moment.

But wait. It was really, really good. A blend of whole dried chilis, each bringing an element of flavour: fruitiness, depth, umami, heat.

People got addicted. Then COVID happened and we had heaps more time on our hands and less people to share a table with. So we decided to put the stuff into jars and give people a little at-home Lulu’s love. Can we say the rest is history? Too soon?

Dubious origin stories aside, we are so proud of our little jars. Hand made in tiny batches in Sydney’s Inner West with no nasties. Remedy will heal what ails ya.

Available in OG (vegan), Anchovy Chili and Nduja Chili oil

photo: Lorraine Elliott